A small community with a big heart and vision for the future


We have 4 programs that will help you love Basketball.

MoHandles Pro Dribbling Program

All you need is a basketball, simple equipment, and space to practice.

Personal 1-1

Take your individual skills to the next level

Be a Coach

A specific program to be a certify coach in Basket Ball


Come and Join us we accept all Ages and Genders

5 Coaches

In any system, staff is the first baseline to establish a career. We have a great coaches and staffs that will do their best to help our players understand this game. Moreover, giving them the motivation and guidelines to achieve their goals.

+2500 Players

One of the strategies that we have is the creating a new generation in love with Basketball. Which will help our nation making a new players helping their national teams in the future.

Jeddah Location

We are happy to announce that our new main court located in American International School of Jeddah.( AIJS )

you can call us: +966560522040

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