The Academy

We are a Saudi talented, professional players, certified FIBA and U.S coaches that are passionate about the game of basketball. Sooner after we graduated college from the United States, we decided to pursue our passion by developing a basketball generation that would potentially participate in the Olympics. Thus, every successful story starts with small beginnings.

The beginning of our journey started by a basketball camp in Saudi Arabi named “MoeHandles”. As we have started with a very small group of players and fortunately the number of participants were increasing with a blink of an eye day after day until it reached to 40+ in less than 5 days.

This demand towards the game has motivated us in starting a basketball academy that aims to develop basketball players to participate in high levels of competition such as high school teams, college teams, and the pro leagues.  Our goal is to develop the sport of basketball in Saudi Arabia and build awareness towards the game while increasing the number of athletes for both male and female in all age groups. We want to create a healthy competition where athletes can compete and challenge themselves to become the best version of themselves by reaching their highest potential. We have then started SwishFit where we offered online consultation in strength and conditioning and nutrition. Considering the lack of equipment at home, we have designed body weight workouts that any individual can perform at home to develop their athlesisum. Later on, we started group classes under Swish BootCamp to boost the athletes’ strength, conditioning, mobility, flexibility, speed and body coordination.

We highly believe that in order for someone to become an elite basketball player, they should focus on three things ( Basketball Skills, Strength & Conditioning, IQ). At Swish, we make sure that we target all the three elements to develop you and take you to the next level.


Beside the three elements, we truly believe that the player’s characteristics play a major role in this game from leadership, communication, time management, discipline, sportsmanship, etc….



Basketball is more than a game, it is a lifestyle.

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